Acid-base Neutralizing Device
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Acid-base Neutralizing Device

Model: PTH-1B

TOP INSTRUMENT Acid-base Neutralizing Device is the best for collecting, neutralizing, and filtering acid mist. It consists of a three-level filter. The first stage is achieved by neutralizing the acid mist with a corresponding concentration of alkali solution. The second stage uses distilled water to continue filtering the residual exhaust gas. The third stage is where the residual exhaust gas enters the buffer bottle for buffering. The gas filtered by the third stage can meet the emission standards without causing harm to the environment or facilities, ultimately achieving pollution-free emissions.
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  • PTH-1B

  • TOP


  • This product is an acid and alkali neutralization equipment with a built-in negative pressure air pump. The air pump has a large flow rate, long service life, and is easy to use.

  • The three-stage absorption of alkali solution and distilled water buffer ensures the reliability of gas removal.

  • The instrument is simple, safe, and reliable to use.

  • The replacement of neutralization solution is convenient and easy to operate.

Extraction flow rate18L / min
Alkali concentration10%--35%
Air extraction interfaceΦ8-10mm(Variable diameter joints can be provided for other pipe diameters)Working voltageAC220V/50Hz
Alkali and distilled water solution bottles1LPower120W

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