Krebs Stomer Viscometer
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Krebs Stomer Viscometer

Model: PSTM-IV、PKU-2

TOP INSTRUMENT Digital Krebs Stomer Viscometer is a specialized laboratory tool used for measuring the viscosity of liquids. It is designed to provide accurate and precise measurements of the viscosity of various liquids such as oils, paints, and other fluids. It is commonly used in research labs, industrial settings, and quality control applications where accurate and precise viscosity measurements are required.
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  • Specially used to measure the viscosity of fluids such as paints and coatings in Krebs (i.e. KU value).

  • Viscosity values in Krebs units (KU), grams units (gm) and centipoise (cP) can be cycled through the function keys on the blue backlit display.

  • This instrument uses a 16-bit microprocessor core control circuit, and the paddle rotor rotates at 200 rpm.

  • The resistance moment it experiences in the measured fluid is displayed directly on the screen in KU value.

  • With reference to the ASTMD562 industrial standard, conversion between KU, gm, and cP is possible.

Measurement Accuracy

40-141 KU

32-1099 gm


Measurement Accuracy±1%(FS)
Rotation Speed200
PowerSpecial power adaptor (input100-240V/50-60Hz)

*cP centipoise is for reference only and cannot be used for calibration.

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