Semi-automatic Kjeldahl Distillation Apparatus
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Semi-automatic Kjeldahl Distillation Apparatus

Model: PDN

TOP INSTRUMENT Semi-automatic Kjeldahl Distillation Apparatus is a laboratory instrument used for determining the nitrogen content in organic and inorganic samples. The semi-automatic design of the apparatus allows for more efficient and consistent performance compared to manual methods. It is commonly used in a wide range of applications such as food and beverage testing, agricultural research, and environmental analysis.
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  • PDN

  • TOP


  • The instrument is composed of digestion furnace (different types for selecting) and azotometer distillatory.

  • The digestion furnace (numeric display model) is controlled by temperature control meter.

  • It adopts infrared radiation heating.

  • Insert the sample into the heating furnace to get the best heating effect.

  • Samples could be digested thoroughly in about 40-90 minutes (according to the amount of nitrogen).

Measure variety

foodstuff, feedstuff, foods, dairy products, drink, soil, water, medicine, precipitate, chemical

Working mode


Recovery rate

≥99% (relative error, include digestion process)

Measure range

0.1~200mgN (nitrogen content 0.1%-99%)

Repetition rate

relative standard deviation<±1%

Working hours

digestion time: 40-90 minutes, distillation time: 5-15 minutes. (According to different samples, time required is also different.)


AC 220V/50HZ

Cooling water consumption

digestion: 5L/min
Distillation: 3L/min
(Water temperature is less than 20℃)

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