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-40 To -86℃ Cost-effective Deep Freezer

-40℃ Medical Freezer For Biomedical Lab

-86 Ultra Low Temperature Freezer for Laboratory Dual System

-86℃ Automatic Cascade System Freezer

-86℃ Vertical Ultra Low Temperature Freezer For Samples Storage

0-1500 Rpm Hotplate Stirrer

0.0001g Precision Digital Lab Scale

0.001g Plastic Scientific Scale for Laboratory

0.001g Precision Balance LCD Digital Milligram Scale

0.01g Chemical Round Pan Electronic Scale

0.01g Customized Electronic Lab Balance

0.01g Electronic Precision Balance with Classic Shape

0.1g Large Square Pan Balance

0.1mg Analytical Balance At Best Price

0.1mg Laboratory Balance

10-Channel Classic Magnetic Stirrer

10-Position Easy-to-use Medical Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

100% Air Exhaust Biological Safety Cabinet For Medical

100% Exhaust Chemical Clean Biological Safety Cabinet

100mg Electronic Balance With Glass Windshield

100mg Electronic Precision Balance With Aluminum Alloy Housing

10mg Electronic Balance In Chemistry

10mg Sensitive Digital Weighing Balance

1100 Degree Tube Type Muffle Furnace for Laboratory Quenching

12 Channel Adjustable Dropper Plastic Pipette

12 Channel Electronic Pipette

12 Channel Fixed Pipette Supplier

1200ºC Compact Muffle Furnace with Precision TGA Function

1200℃ Degree Electric Box / Muffle Furnace Price For High Temperature

1400 Degree Excellent Heating Capability Muffle Furnace For Thermal Processing

1400C Muffle Furnace with Chamber & Double Doors & Slide Rails

1700C Electric Heat Treatment Muffle Furnace for Laboratory and Industrial

1g High Precision Balance For Lab Equipment

1g Large Weighing Electronic Balance

1mg High-precision Analytical Balances

1mg Large Range Electronic Balance

1mg LCD Electronic Balance

1mg Precision Balance Suppliers

2 Foot Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet

2 Holes Magnetic Stirring Water Bath

2 Holes Water Bath Pot for Hospital Use

2*8 Well Real Time PCR for DNA and RNA Quantification

2*8 Wells 0.2ml 4 Channels Real Time Thermal Cycler

2-8 ℃ Biological Refrigerator

24h After-sales Service Microscope for Lab

3' Purifier Vertical Clean Bench

3-in-1 pH/Temp Electrode for Wastewater Treatment

30% Air Exhaust Biological Safety Cabinet With High Performance

30% Air Exhaust Full Steel Biological Cabinet

304 Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistant Fume Hood

304 Stainless Steel Double Sides Clean Bench

304 Stainless Steel Freezing Centrifuge

304 Stainless Steel Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet

304 Stainless Steel Laminar Cabinet For Cleanroom

30L Industrial Rotary Evaporator For Pharmaceutical

3D LED Digital Shaker with Speed and Agitation Time Control

3D LED Lab Digital Three Dimensional Rocking Laboratory Shaker

3L Mini Rotary Evaporator Vacuum Rotary Evaporator

4 Holes Magnetic Stirring Water Bath

4-pin Aviation Plug Probe

40℃ Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

50L Explosion Proof Rotary Evaporator Rotovap Price

50L Rotary Evaporator Rotovap with Pump and Chiller

6 holes digital display constant temperature water bath

6 Holes High Security Dual Purpose Thermostatic Water Bath

6 Holes Magnetic Stirring Water Bath

70% Air Recirculation Biological Safety Cabinet

70% Air Recirculation Microbiological Cabinet

8-Channel Adjustable Fully High Temperature Autoclave Multi-pipettor

8-in-1 Industrial pH/ORP/Conductivity Meter Kit

86℃ Ultra Low Freezer For Laboratory And Medical Manufacturer

86℃ Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

96 Well Thermal Cycler With Ultra-low Noise

96-Well Fast Thermal Cycler with the Flexible Configuration

A2/B2 Type Biological Biosafety Cabinet

A2/B2 Type Biological Safety Cabinet

Aboratory Ultraviolet Mini Autoclave

Absolute Air Class 100 Series Laminar Flow Cabinet

Accessories Attachment for Shaker Rocker Series

Accuhance Single Channel Pipette

Accurate and Reliable Real Time PCR

Accurate Colorimeter for Auxiliary Spray Color

Accurate Reliable Temperature Probe for Industry

Accurate Speed Control Microprocessor Stirrer

Acid and Alkali Corrosion Resistance PH Glass Electrode

Acid and Alkali Neutralization Device for Kjeldahl Apparatus

Adjustable Convenient Conductivity Electrode

Adjustable Desktop Horizontal/Pendulum Orbital Shaker

Adjustable Glass Injection Dispenser Translucent Glass

Adjustable Intelligent Digital Temperature Controller Thermal Cycler

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