LCD Touch Screen Precison Turbidimeter for Lab
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LCD Touch Screen Precison Turbidimeter for Lab

Model: PGZ-1000

TOP INSTRUMENT LCD Touch Screen Precison Turbidimeter is a laboratory instrument used for measuring the turbidity of a liquid sample. It is designed for use in a wide range of applications such as water quality testing, wastewater treatment, and food and beverage production. It has a compact and durable design, making it easy to use and transport. The instrument has a range of turbidity settings that can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of the experiment or procedure.
  • PGZ-1000
  • TOP


  • 7 inch LCD touch screen panel.

  • Tungsten lamp light source meet USEPA-

  • 180.1 requirement.

  • 3 photodiodes to ensure high accuracy.

  • 1-8 points calibration with Formazin standards or zero water.

  • Auto range switch from 0-2000 NTUs.

  • Data storage of 1000 sets (GLP-compliant).

  • RS232 and USB interfaces for output.

  • Reset function to resume all settings to factory default settings.

Light source

Tungsten halogen lamp 6V,10W

Receiving element

Silicon photocell

Measurement range NTU

0.00-50.0 50.1-200
(automatic range switchover)

Readings display

LCD Touch Screen

Minimum Reading


Allowable error of indication


Zero Drift


Stability of indication




Sample bottle

Φ25mm*95 mm

Data storage

1000 sets


5 points

Sample volume

30--40 ml



Overall dimensions/Weight

430mm*430mm*300mm/9 Kg

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