Cold Filter Plugging Point Filter
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Cold Filter Plugging Point Filter

Model: PC-2

TOP INSTRUMENT Cold Filter Plugging Point Filter is a specialized laboratory tool used to measure the low-temperature flow performance of diesel fuels and other petroleum products. Being equipped with refrigeration bath and other accessories, it can be used to determine cold filter plugging point of distillate fuels.
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  • PC-2

  • TOP


  • It adopts integral structure. Easy to use and good-looking.

  • The buzzer will sound after the completion of suction filtration of the instrument.

  • It adopts digital display technology, easy to set data, stop timing when the timing time arrives.

  • Equipped with SYD-510G, it can realize Cold Filter Plugging Point test.

Power supply

AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz

Pumping pressure

1961 Pa (200mm±1mm)

Test cup

There is a mark line at 45 ml of the cup

Filter assembly

It is made of cooper; Size of hole on the filter sieve is 45 μm (330 meshes)

Working environment

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity


Power consumption




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