Advanced Automatic LED Digital Exquisite Linear Shaker
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Advanced Automatic LED Digital Exquisite Linear Shaker

Model: PK-L180-S

TOP INSTRUMENT Advanced Automatic LED Digital Exquisite Linear Shaker is a specialized laboratory equipment used for mixing and shaking of samples in a controlled environment. It is designed to provide a uniform and stable motion throughout the platform, which helps to ensure consistent and accurate results. It is commonly used in research labs, medical labs, and industrial settings for applications such as cell culture, bacterial culture, and other biological experiments.
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  • PK-L180-S

  • TOP

Characteristic of Advanced Automatic LED Digital Exquisite Linear Shaker:

  • Ensure uniform mixing to enhance experiment reliability and accuracy.

  • Provide different load capacities suitable for experiments of varying scales and sample processing, meeting diverse experimental needs.

  • Independent display screen, simultaneously showing speed and time, user-friendly operation for easy control of the experiment process.

  • Offer a wide range of speed settings that can be adjusted according to specific experimental requirements to ensure optimal results.

  • Maintenance-free brushless DC motor for extended lifespan.

  • Equipped with safety speed protection features.

Max. load capacity (with platform)2kg
Motor typeBrushless DC motor
Motor rating input16W
Motor rating output10W
Speed range40-200rpm
Speed displayLED
Timer displayLED
Time setting range1min-99h59min
Voltage, Frequency100-240V, 50/60Hz
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity5-40℃, 80%RH
Dimension [W*D*H]290*348*130mm
Protection classIP20
Data connector-

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