Intelligent Artificial Climate Incubator (LED Touch Screen)
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Intelligent Artificial Climate Incubator (LED Touch Screen)

Model: RTOP N-Series

TOP INSTRUMENT Intelligent Artificial Climate Incubator (LED Touch Screen) is an incubator that can set parameters such as operating time, temperature, humidity, and light arbitrarily. Tissue culture and cultivation, microbial culture, feeding of insects and small animals, drug antioxidant test and environmental test of articles.
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  • RTOP N-Series

  • TOP


  • Full-color 7-inch capacitive touch screen: a new large screen and interactive experience mode, more convenient operation, clearer display content.

  • Stainless steel liner design: the liner is made of mirror stainless steel, with large rounded corners, beautiful, easy to clean, and durable.

  • Built-in toughened glass door: the observation field is large, and all samples in the box can be observed without opening the door.

  • A number of safety protection functions: the equipment is equipped with leakage protection plugs, double-circuit fuses, and the heating wire is automatically cut off at high temperature to ensure the safety of the instrument and samples.

  • Equipped with LED lighting on three sides: the intensity of illumination can be adjusted steplessly, and the illumination is uniform, which meets the requirements of various illumination experiments.

  • Pull-out grid, convenient and easy to use: standard 3-layer pull-out grid, the height can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the user, which is convenient for sample access.

  • Electromagnetic lock design to protect the safety of samples: the cabinet can be locked by setting a password to increase the safety of samples.

  • Ultrasonic humidification: The equipment is equipped with an ultrasonic humidifier, high-frequency ultrasonic atomization, and easy humidity control.

  • Sterilization function: Set the sterilization time, and the sterilization function will be automatically turned off when the sterilization time is over.

  • Power-off memory function: the original working state can be continued when the machine is turned on again after a power failure.

  • Multi-parameter program setting: time, temperature, illuminance and other gradient control can be performed to meet different parameters of plant growth.

  • Support cloud platform: data is synchronized to the cloud platform in real time, and operations such as viewing, analysis, downloading, and printing can be performed remotely at any time.

Temperature control range

10-50°C (when the light is turned on) 0-50°C (when the light is turned off)

Temperature resolution


Temperature fluctuation rate


Humidity control range

50%~90%RH (humidity below 10°C is not controlled)

Humidity deviation


Illumination range

0~20000Lux (higher illumination can be customized)

Light level

0~100% (8%~100% can be adjusted by 1%)

Cooling power


Heating power


Power supply


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