Class II Type A2/B2 Microbiological Safety Cabinet T-1000IIA2
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Class II Type A2/B2 Microbiological Safety Cabinet T-1000IIA2

Model: T-1000IIA2

TOP INSTRUMENT Class II Type A2/B2 Microbiological Safety Cabinet T-1000IIA2 is necessary in animalcule lab, especially in the condition needing protection measure, such as medicine, pharmacy, scientific research and so on. The equipment meets the requirements of the second level biosafety cabinet in the US NSF/ANS/49 standard.
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  • T-1000IIA2

  • TOP


  • Air curtain isolation design prevents internal and external cross-contamination, 30% of the air flow is discharged outside and 70% of the internal circulation, negative pressure vertical laminar flow, no need to install pipes.

  • The glass door can be moved up and down, can be positioned arbitrarily, is easy to operate, and can be completely closed for sterilization, and the positioning height limit alarm prompts.

  • The power output socket in the work area is equipped with a waterproof socket and a sewage interface to provide great convenience for the operator

  • A special filter is installed at the exhaust air to control emission pollution.

  • It adopts LED LCD panel control and built-in UV lamp protection device, which can only be opened when the safety door is closed.

  • With DOP detection port, built-in differential pressure gauge.

  • 10° tilt angle, in line with the human body design concept.

Airflow system70% air recirculation, 30% air exhaust
Cleanliness gradeHEPA: ISO 5 (Class100)
Number of colonies≤0.5pcs/dish·hour (Φ90mm culture plate)
Wind speedAverage suction wind speed: ≥0.55±0.025m/s
Average descending wind speed: ≥0.3±0.025m/s
Filtration Level / Filtration EfficiencyHEPA of borosilicate glass fiber material:
≥99.995%, @0.3μm
Optional ULPA: ≥99.9995%
Vibration half peak≤5μm
Power supplyAC single phase 220V/50Hz
Maximum power consumption500W
Internal Size (mm) W*D*H


External Size (mm) W*D*H1200*800*2100
High efficiency filter specification and quantity980*490*50*1
Specification and quantity of fluorescent lamp/UV lamp


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