Automatic Graphite Digestion Platform
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Automatic Graphite Digestion Platform

Model: PRXJ-2W-60A

TOP INSTRUMENT Automatic Graphite Digestion Platform is a pre-treatment equipment designed and produced based on the principle of wet digestion. It is an ideal supporting product for atomic absorption spectrophotometer, AES, AAS, AFS, ICP-MS and other analytical instruments. It is a collection of sample soaking → adding reagents A fully automatic sample processing platform that integrates → heating and digestion → automatic acid flushing → automatic volume setting → automatic mixing.
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  • PRXJ-2W-60A

  • TOP


  • Reliable anti-corrosion design - acid mist is wrapped by a positive pressure air curtain and enters the negative pressure ventilation system.

  • Anti-condensation system on the inner wall of the fume hood - independently collects the heating temperature, independently determines the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the fume hood, and controls the fan operation.

  • Temperature control and heating digestion unit - using PID fuzzy temperature control technology, with high precision and good stability.

  • Digestion unit - 2 independent temperature-controlled digestion units, using graphite heating elements with good temperature uniformity and small temperature shock.

  • Liquid supply system - The instrument is equipped with 8 independent reagent channels that can be automatically switched. Each reagent channel is controlled independently without affecting each other.

  • Instrument volume-fixing system - using imported high-precision ultrasonic liquid level sensor, it can adjust the volume of digestion tubes of any capacity.

  • The amplitude of the rotating oscillation mixing mode reaches 20mm, and the mixing effect is good.

Temperature control rangeRT+5℃-300℃
Fixed volume range50, 75, 100ml
Temperature control accuracy±1℃Constant volume accuracy±1%
Temperature control system60-segment programmed heating and single-point heating modesMixing methodRotate
Digestion unit2pcs/2pcsMixing speed0-300 rpm
Heating module materialGraphiteFume hoodHave
Sample processing quantity1-60 pieces/batchOperating VoltageAC220V/50Hz
Reagent channel8 channels
Heating power2KW+2KW
Volume setting methodUltrasonic sensor
DimensionsLength*width*height 650*1020*1400mm

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