Pulsating Vacuum Type Horizontal Steam Sterilizer
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Pulsating Vacuum Type Horizontal Steam Sterilizer

Model: TY series

TOP INSTRUMENT Pulsating Vacuum Type Horizontal Steam Sterilizer represents the pinnacle of sterilization technology, providing healthcare facilities with a comprehensive solution for ensuring superior standards of instrument sterilization. This cutting-edge system combines innovative features, exceptional performance, and user-friendly operation to meet the demanding requirements of modern healthcare settings.
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  • TY series

  • TOP


  • Horizontal circular inner chamber + jacket structure, safety, heat preservation, and drying function.

  • Disc type embedded gear + Electric lock door structure, safety and reliable.

  • Door seals are pneumatic or self-expanding.

  • Equipped with standard equipment verification interface.

  • Pipeline system for the optimal design, SUS304 pipeline, clamp structure, quick assembly.

  • Control system: HMI man-machine interface, touch screen + microcomputer.

  • F0 value and temperature time double guarantee sterilization effect, with perfect sterilization records.

  • With program selection, parameter setting,equipment operation, report processing and traceability Functions.

  • Multiple safety protection (over-temperature,over-pressure protect).

  • Sterilization process: fabric, equipment, liquid, BD, pressure testing, custom defined multiple procedures.

Design pressure-0.1~0.3MpaDesign temperature144℃
Working pressure0.245MpaWorking Temperature105~138℃
Vacuum-0.086MpaTemperature Equilibrium<+2.0C
Water Pressure0.1~0.2MpaCompressed air pressure0.4~0.7Mpa
Steam Pressure0.3~0.7MpaPower voltage

Three-phase five-wire

AC380V 50Hz

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