Portable Electric Or LPG Heating Autoclave
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Portable Electric Or LPG Heating Autoclave

Model: TS-280C & TS-280C+

TOP INSTRUMENT Portable Electric Or LPG Heating Autoclave is a specialized sterilization equipment used in laboratories, medical facilities, and other settings where sterilization of equipment and materials is required. It can be powered by either electricity or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), allowing for flexibility in different environments and situations.
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  • TS-280C & TS-280C+

  • TOP


  • Quick opening structure.

  • High quality stainless steel material.

  • Simple operation, safe and reliable.

  • Self infating type seal.

  • Electric and gas heating both use.

  • Auto release when over pressure.

  • Double scale indication pressure gauge.

VoltageAC 220V、50HZ
Rated working pressure0.142MPaMpa
Rated working temperature126℃
Chamber volumeΦ280*295Φ280*390
Packingsize (L*W*H)410*410*430410*410*540
Gross/net weight15.5/14.5KG17.5/15.8KG

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