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Vacuum seed Counter & Placing apparatus

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Vacuum seed Counter & Placing apparatus

Seed Testing Instrument

Model: SZC-50

  • Specifications

Product introduction

Vacuum seed Counter is specially used for seed germination test in the process of several species, seed suction, seed placement. It mainly consists of three parts: workbench, extension pipette and suction head.



  1.  Adopt High-speed vacuum axial flow fan, with strong suction, and low noise.
  2. Built-in dirt isolation bag of the fuselage can easily remove the debris and moisture sucked into the fuselage.
  3. Extension pipetteis connected to the plug-in handle at one end and has a vent through hole, which causes the seeds to fall down quickly and smoothly.
  4. Set the bottom of the bed table with pulleys and move flexibly.
  5. Equipped with a key control switch and 5 suction heads, which are of the same size and specification as the domestic common germination box.To meet the needs of different seed germination tests.


Technical parameters

Sucker configuration: 5 pieces (1 large, 3 small, 1 round)

Motor power: 1440W

Working power supply: 220V 50Hz

Power regulation range: 300W-1400W

The aperture of 100 holes: 6mm/3mm/1.5mm/0.7mm

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