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Seed X-ray Machine

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Seed X-ray Machine

Seed Testing Instrument

Model: HY-1080

  • Specifications


The X-ray Machine can penetrate seeds such as corn, rice, cereal straw, Chinese fir, pine seed, chestnut, rape and so on. It can also see the development, size, shape and quality of inner pest canter cavity and germ.



1.Display directly; The image can be stored when the image is at its best.

2.High resolution digital image output with USB connection; It can print, analyze and store X-ray images directly, which can be called at any time and connected to the printer for output, saving the cost of film washing and so on.

3.Real-time image acquisition; Million-pixels camera system, including software.

4.Adjust the image quality according to the diameter of the seed; Adjust the image effect on the computer.

5.Adjust the contrast intelligently.


Technical Parameters:

Camera pixels: >1.5 million                               Photo range: Φ80mm

Resolution: 56Ip/cm                                             Output screen brightness: >7cd/cm2

Maximum spacing: 300mm                                Tube voltage: 60-85Kv

Tube target sulphur: 2-0.4mA                          Contrast: 7%

Gray scale: Grade 7                                                Radiation leakage: <5mR/h

Weight of host: 5Kg

Standard layout: One mainframe, a suitcase, a data line, an image acquisition box and a radiation jacket.

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