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Promote International Agriculture with Steady Development

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Promote International Agriculture with Steady Development


Agriculture is the fundamental industry of mankind,and it is also an important foundation for solving food security and promoting sustainable development. At the Third Youth Forum in December 2019, Qu Dongyu, Director of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, stated in a keynote speech that the number of hungry people in the world has risen continuously in recent years, reaching 841 million .The “food security” situation is grim. Developing digital agriculture, improving the existing agricultural structure, and reducing regional differences in agricultural development levels are important means to achieve a hunger-free world in 2030.

The solution provided by TOP Cloud-agri can provide agriculture with energy in terms of resource protection, industrial planning, planting efficiency improvement, disaster warning, etc., and has certain application value in most regions of the world. In 2019, through a series of international exchange activities, TOP Cloud-agri technology and its application value in Asian, African and Latin American countries have been recognized by FAO and the World Bank. In the future, Top Cloud-agri are expected to support the world ’s agricultural development and solve food security issues through the “Belt and Road” initiative.

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