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Plant Transpiration Rate Meter

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Plant Transpiration Rate Meter

Plant Physiology Instrument

Model: TPZT-1000

  • Specifications

Product Characteristics

  • Multiple parameterstested: test air temperature, leaf temperature, air humidity, PAR etc at same time, and count the transpiration rate and Stomatal conductance accordingly.
  • Intelligent: Menu display and Cursor operation; test process and results displayed in real-time, with small size, light, portable and one-person operation.
  • Widely application: with different leaf chamber, the meter is able to be used in fieldcrops, fruit and vegetables, hay etc which are in different shape.
  • Cost-efficiency: very competitiveprice and convenient maintenance.


Technical parameters

Air temperature(TL):   High accuracy digital temperature sensor from Swaziland, Range: 0-50℃, Resolution: 0.1℃, Error: ±0.2℃

Leaf temperature (TC):Platinum, Range: 0-50℃, Resolution: 0.1℃, Error: ±0.2℃

Air humidity (RH):  High accuracy digital temperature sensor from Swaziland, Range: 0-100%, Resolution: 0.1%, Error: ≤±3%

PARSilicon photocell with Correction filter, Range: 0-2500µmolm m2/s, Accuracy: <5µmolm m2/s

Flux: glass rotameter

Size of leaf chamber: 55mm x 20mm. customized available

Work environment: Temperature: 20℃~50℃, Relative humidity: 0-100%(without condensation of moisture)

Power: 4VLi-ion Battery, 7-9hours continuously working

Data storage: 2GB SD card

Display: 320×160 lattice

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