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    The photosynthesis analyzer(photosynthesis instrument)which is mainly used in professional industries and scientific experiments such as agriculture, forestry, horticulture, microorganisms and insects. CO2 concentration, leaf temperature, photosynthesis effective radiation, leaf chamber temperature and humidity can be determined. Through scientific calculation, the photosynthesis indexes such as leaf photosynthesis rate, leaf evaporation rate, inter-cell CO2 concentration, pore guide and water utilization rate can be obtained.



     1.The shape is small and light, easy to carry, measured anytime and anywhere, and can be operated by a person.

    2.The dot matrix LCD screen is 320*240. Chinese menu displays multiple information andcursor guided operation.

    3.Open circuit measurement and closed circuit measurement can be used. Electronic flowmeter.

    4.Press switch, data cable, and trachea interface to the front panel for easier operating.

    5.Date, time, leaf area, volume, measurement interval, user name, etc. can be set.

    6.The measurement process and final results are displayed in time and stored. Historical data can also be viewed on the instrument.

    7.The data stored in the host computer can be imported into the computer for secondary analysis and can be printed.

    8.Automatically display the air carbon dioxide concentration, air humidity, relative humidity, light intensity, temperature and leaftemperature.

    9.Various types of leaf Chambers (reactors) are suitable for different measurement objects such as various plant leaves, seeds, insects, etc.

    10.Can be measured Indoor and outdoor, in vivo and in vitro.

    11.It can be used separately as an environmental monitoring instrument and can be displayedmeasurement data immediately.


    Optional accessories

    Leaf Chamber: various specifications of leaf chamber, respirator, assimilation box, etc. can be customized according to requirements

    Light Source: red/blue LED light source, adjustable range 0-2000μmolm m2/s


    Technical parameters

    CO2 analysis: Non-diffuse infrared CO2 analysis

    Measurement range: 0-1000ppm/0-1500ppm/0-2000ppm; resolution:0.1ppm; accuracy: 0.1ppm

    Leaf chamber temperature: Imported high precision digital temperature sensor

    Measurement range: 0-50℃; resolution: 0.1℃; error:±0. 2℃

    Leaf temperature: platinum resistance

    Measurement range: 0-50℃; resolution: 0.1℃; error:±0. 2℃

    Leaf humidity: high precision digital humidity sensor imported from Switzerland

    Measurement range:0-100%;Resolution: 0.1%;error: ≤±3%

    Illumination (PAR): Silicon photocell with correction filter

    Measurement range: 0-2500μmolm m2/s; accuracy:≤5μmolm m2/s

    Three leaf chamber sizes, standard size 55*20mm   

    Other sizes can be customized: 

    Type I: (20*25mm) II: (55*20mm) Type III: (65*10mm)


    Host parameters

    Working environment:Temperature 0℃-50℃,relative humidity: 0-100% (no water vapor condensation)

    Power supply: DC8.4V lithium battery, can work continuously for 7-9 hours

    Data storage: 2GB SD card to store 0.5 million data for a long time. Text document format, no need to configure communication software

    Volume: 260x260x130mm

    Weight: 3.25kg

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