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High Accuracy Automatic Seed Counter

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High Accuracy Automatic Seed Counter

Seed Testing Instrument

Automatic Seed Counter With High Accuracy

Model:SLY-D/ SLY-E

  • Specifications

SLY-D/SLY-E  Automatic Seed Counter With High Accuracy


  • Adjustable counting speed.
  • Sensitivity adjustable, make the results more accuracy.
  • Two modes for choosing: unlimited counting, and counting stop.
  • Auto save your previous counting.
  • Shortcut menu operation.
  • 4G SD card including.
  • Weighting function included.
  • LCD display; light touch key.
  • Suitable for measuring round and long, small and big seeds.
  • Direct read data on screen, such as current seeds counter number, counting mode, sensitivity, weight and counting time etc.

Technical parameters:

  • Counting range: L*W less than 12*4mm (small seeds) /L*W less than 12*10mm (big seeds)
  • Counting accuracy: 5/1000 for small seeds, 3/1000 for big seeds
  • Counting speed: 1000pcs/3m
  • Counting capacity: 1-99999 (read through LCD)
  • Preset self stop: any value within 1-99999
  • Weighing range: 0-1000g
  • Size: 450mm*300mm*320mm
  • Power supply: AC220±20V~ 50Hz
  • Watt: <60w
  • Continuous working time: ≥5h

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